UK O2 users are hit by data loss

It was revealed on Friday that millions of UK O2 users have lost their data services. O2 have released a statement stating their apology and that this current issue is due to technical problems. Now you may be thinking this doesn’t bother me as I’m not on O2 however you may be wrong. 02 provides […]

2018 Technology Gift Guide

It is that time of the year again, December is almost here and it means we will all be rushing out to get our Christmas presents in time for the big day. Every year we search and search for the perfect gifts for our loved ones hoping it was just what they wished for. This […]

Chrome to crack down on onerous websites

It has been announced by Google that the December 2018 version of Chrome (known as Chrome 71 browser) will crack down on websites who have ‘abusive experiences’. Google is cautioning site owners that it will block all ads if a website contains what they deem to be an ‘abusive experience’. Many industry professionals have agreed […]