How clean are you – with your devices?.

As we visit many customers we see lots of devices – and in lots of states. We’re not talking about the internal software here – we’re talking about the external appearance. Grubby finger marks on screens, sticky tacky key pads, dusty exteriors. Not nice – but hey – who has the time to clean their […]

How much do you know about 5G?

  It feels as though 5G has been the topic of many news reports for the past few years, but we have yet to see the official release. A recent report claims that firms in South Korea have beaten the US to the post as they may be the first to roll out 5G. But […]

Apple’s headphones have just got a lot smarter!

This week it was revealed that Apple’s headphones have just got a lot smarter. Apple has officially launched the newest version of its ‘AirPods’ (Apple’s wireless earphones) and the upgrade now comes with the well know virtual assistant Siri. If customers decide to purchase the latest ‘AirPods’ users will be able to active Siri simple […]