Is coding child’s play?

If you have been watching the news recently then you would have seen that schools across the UK now include coding in their School curriculum. Programming lessons are now a part of the school day, but this may be a subject that is alien to most parents. So is there anything parents can do to […]

Santa Hackers

It’s officially the run down to Christmas and you can’t currently enter a store or watch television without being bombarded with Christmas gift ideas. As technology has started to take over the planet the types of gifts children now receive has advanced considerably and they are now asking for the new iPhone rather than the […]

Heard about Uber’s data hack?

According to The Guardian, “Uber is facing government scrutiny around the world in the wake of its admission it concealed a massive data breach affecting 57 million drivers and passengers. The $68bn ride-hailing company acknowledged Tuesday that hackers had stolen the personal information in October 2016, and that Uber had paid them $100,000 to destroy the information and keep the […]

Technology’s Biggest Blunders

Over the past few decades, we have seen technology advance dramatically. New phones, games consoles and computers are constantly being thrown at us which has now made us believe we need to get our hands on the latest gadgets. It’s almost hard to believe that famous companies such as Microsoft and Apple have in the […]