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Case Studies

& Testimonials


Installation of IT Infrastructure and Maintenance.

We were contacted by Assouline. They were refurbishing their new flagship store in Piccadilly and required assistance installing their IT infrastructure.
This project involved:-

  • Installing multiple internet lines.
  • Installing their EPOS system and tills.
  • Installing Wireless around the building including guest access.
  • Setting up the network, computers and server for staff access.

This was a fun project, liaising with multiple third parties in order to be ready for their launch party.

RLH Developments

Full audit and improvements.

We were contacted by RLH to look at their current systems and provide improvements to their way of running their systems.

On this project we conducted a full audit and were able to make improvements. For example:

  • Internet access was very slow. We were able to upgrade their internet to super fast broadband for the same price they were paying for standard internet access. This improved the speeds 10 fold.
  • Backup – we implemented a cloud backup solution so that all the company files were backed up with minimum effort. As we like to say "set and forget".
  • File Sharing – we implemented a files sharing system which allows files to be shared for users both in the office and off site to access. This greatly improved communication and work efficiency in the company.
  • Email – we implemented a corporate email system allowing users to synchronise email, calendars and contacts on multiple devices and share mailboxes with other staff.

Mags S

Massive thanks to Nick. We were hit by the recent PANDA antivirus glich. Nick kept us all totally calm. Explained the situation thru his advice we saved 3 machines being affected. The 4th machine was hit but Nick talked me thru the fix - very simple and hey presto back to normal. Just really pleased he was there for us - great peace of mind with Nick behind us.

Philip & Sue K

Thanks Nick we thought we would have to go through a hard wiring solution to get better internet response - but your advice on plug in boosters has worked very well. Plus saved us the hassle of the wiring and the cost.

desres blinds

I used apple solutions to help me set up some hardware that they had actually got me at a discounted cost. Nick was very efficient and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any other business or individual.